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UK Locations has been nurturing relationships with the owners of premium commercial + residential properties across the nation since 2006, to get your access within 24 hours. The key is trust.

We understand that your time is precious. So, we use ours to bring you a carefully chosen selection of residential and commercial locations that are ideal for large film, TV and photography shoots. What’s more, with our 360° virtual recces, you can see them from all angles, whenever you need to.

Our library

The best film, photography and TV drama locations have a certain aesthetic appeal which corresponds with the director’s vision, and they work logistically, providing sufficient space for cast and crew. They’re also the hardest to access, especially with short notice… Unless they’re in our library, that is.

Our partners

We choose our location partners carefully and take time to gain their trust and coach them in large shoots, so that we can give you fast and flexible access to an unparalleled selection of high-end and hard-to-reach locations and set you up for a smooth and hassle-free shoot.

“UK Locations provided a fantastic service to both us as a production company and the owners of property they represented, during an extended shoot over the period of a month at a sensitive residential location in the Midlands. I look forward to collaborating with UK Locations on future projects.”

Ian Pollington – Supervising Location Manager, BBC One’s Bodyguard

Our clients

The say like attracts like – and we think they might be right. As an agency which goes out of its way to provide high-end, hard-to-reach commercial and residential locations that have been primed for large-scale shoots, we have the pleasure of working with numerous high-profile clients, including Disney+, Sky, Netflix, Amazon Prime, ITV, BBC, Channel 4, and plenty more you might recognise…

About us

We’ve grown from a one-man band to one of the UK’s leading location agencies, and as Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses alumni, we’re on course for significant further growth as we develop more exclusive partnerships, expand our reach, and pursue B Corp Status.

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