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We all bring something unique and brilliant to UK Locations. But no-one is more important than the team, and no vision is more vital than the one we share.

Our story

The UK Locations story began in 2006, when Nick Jones founded the company to satisfy an industry need for beautiful, shoot-ready locations. Just three years later, however, Nick tragically passed away. With no-one else to take the reins, Lauren, his sister-in-law, stepped in.

Having previously worked in TV drama and advertising, running a business was entirely new territory for Lauren – and she came into it during the UK’s worst recession since the 1970s. Undeterred, Lauren guided UK Locations towards successful business growth year-on-year, building a fantastic team in the process.

In Spring 2021, UK Locations was chosen to take part in the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses programme and it has proven to be a pivotal moment in our history, allowing us to clarify our long-term goals, refine our business proposition, pave the way towards B Corp status, and even set up our own production company, Art of Truth

UK Locations is now firmly established as one of the leading agencies providing high-end film and TV drama locations across Britain’s nations and regions, and we’re set for significant expansion over the coming years. We believe our success rests on our unwavering commitment to our values:

We are in it together – We believe in the triple bottom line: people, profit, planet. We recognise our interdependency and understand that mutual success comes from mutual respect.

We are passionate – We are proud of our involvement in the making of great content, and we put our hearts and souls into optimising the conditions in which it is created.

We are relevant – We keep up with trends and developments in film, TV and advertising worlds (from aesthetics to sustainability), so that we’re always providing what our clients need and in turn, bringing our location partners bookings.

We are progressive – We are constantly exploring ways to improve our offering to both our clients and partners and finding ways to reduce our collective impact on the planet.

We strongly believe our success also puts us in a position of responsibility towards the planet and its inhabitants and we are dedicated to promoting sustainability, fairness, and equality by leading with our own example.

“I have worked very closely over many years with Lauren and the team at UK Locations. They have a quality very rare in this day and age, they care about the service they provide to the production and to the location owners. Having been a Location Manager on various productions, I find their professionalism, care and service next to none!”

Mark O’Hanlon – Location Manager, ITV’s Coldfeet & Bancroft

The team

We’re a creative and lively team of talented individuals working towards the same vision and doing it in the best possible way. We see challenges as opportunities to innovate. We salute diversity and promote equal access. We recognise everyone’s unique contribution, and we support their growth with coaching and training. We root for each other, muck in, and get things done. And, with a healthy respect for work-life balance, we know when it’s time to put down our tools and go back to our own ‘locations’.

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