We’re a talented, efficient, interested team you’ll really enjoy working with.

Meet the Team

Lauren — Managing Director

With an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for team development, Lauren is constantly looking at ways to improve the business.

Role: To make UK Locations the best it can be – providing the first-rate customer service, unique locations and the most amazing team

Experience: Lauren has seen it from both sides having worked in the Location Department at Yorkshire Television on Fat Friends, Between the Sheets and Emmerdale she understands what makes a great location and the logistics involved in creating the perfect shoot. Lauren then moved into the corporate world and was the Marketing Manager at FSTE 100 companies managing photoshoots, TV adverts and large scale campaigns

Favourite location: 2260 – it’s a large, beautiful family home, ideal for furniture shoots and the owners are amazing to work with

James — Operations Director

He loves spreadsheets, processes and saving money! James is always striving for UK Locations to work at the highest level.

Role: To support the team, so we can deliver services to clients in an efficient and cost-effective manner

Experience: After University, James joined the Locations Department at Yorkshire Television and worked on dramas such as The Royal, Blue Murder and Casanova. He is a professional photographer and photographs all of our locations. James is also a trained Civil Engineer and his project delivery skills have ensured the UK Locations and the team work in the most streamline and effective way for our clients and location partners

Favourite location: 2492 – it was built less than 30 years ago and yet its classical architecture is outstanding


Ensuring UK Locations delivers the very best service experience is a passion for Cat. Her skill for understanding a brief, clients needs and delivering rapid results is also second to none!

Role: Cat manages all the day-to-day enquiries and works directly with our clients (across film, tv, photography and online video) to provide on brief location solutions within given deadlines

Experience: After completing a degree in marketing and fashion, Cat worked her way up to manager level within fashion retail. It was here she learnt the fine art of giving excellent customer service whilst working in a fast-paced, professional environment

Favourite location: 2620 – This location is so unique. I love the French antique style and white wooden floors – it is perfect for fabric and furniture shoots