We’ve had the privilege of working with so many fantastic clients, here are just a few:

Lloyds Pharmacy

The Brief:

To scout a Lloyds Pharmacy branch that has visual appeal as well as working effectively from a filming and logistic point of view. Also, within 10 miles of the branch in Yorkshire, scout a high-end café and children’s play park available to use during the week.

How we helped:

The starting point to this brief was find the ideal Lloyds Pharmacy branch and to get sign off from Active Pictures and Lloyds before continuing with scouting the other locations.

Our extensive knowledge of North helped us provide a number of café and children play park options to the client in a short space of time. This allowed more time to negotiate favorable fees, shoot times and contracts.

The challenge to this brief was the logistics of filming at a number of public locations within the same day. This was overcome by effective communication with Active Pictures, ensuring council permissions were gained and that all locations were fully briefed on the needs and wants of the shoot.

"Without the skills and experience of UK Locations this project would have been a lot more complicated to produce, but as it turn out it was fairly straight forward. We briefed UK Locations, they kept feeding us good options from their location library, sorting out licenses/permits meaning we could be positive with our recommendations to the client whilst keeping our Director happy. UK Locations scouting and management services made the logistics of unit moves much easier, which meant I could concentrate on the shoot itself."

Nick Hancock
Executive Producer, Active Pictures