We’ve had the privilege of working with so many fantastic clients, here are just a few:

The Media Works for Sherborne Upholstery

The Brief:

To provide from the location library six residential locations with different styles that can be decorated and are large enough to effectively shoot high-end furniture in Manchester.

How we helped:

We were conscious of providing the client with locations that were on brief from a style perspective as well as having the qualities needed for a furniture shoot – lots of parking, large rooms, storage space and a fully informed owner.

To ensure The Media Works time was used productively when viewing the locations, we used our local knowledge to create a tailor-made recce schedule that guaranteed maximum time viewing the locations and no time wasted on travel.

After the shoots, a number of locations needed reinstating back to the original décor. We organised this so the decorators could come in on an hourly basis to make it more manageable for the owner and more cost effective for The Media Works.

"We have just celebrated our 20th anniversary photographing, designing and printing for the wonderful Sherbourne Upholstery. Here’s to UK Locations helping us for the next 20! Thanks guys for all your help."

Iain Robertson
Managing Director, The Media Works
The Media Works for Sherborne Upholstery - Image #1