Getting the best image – key points to follow

It’s really important to get the most effective images of your property possible, as this is the main selling tool to the photographers and production teams. Our key points to follow have been compiled by photographers, but with novices in mind, so they’re easy, but will help you get the most from your shots.


  • Digital photos need to be a minimum of 640 x 480 resolution
  • Take around 15-20 interior and exterior pictures in JPEGS. We like to have a wide-range of pictures per property, so we can give our clients a clear idea of the building and its surroundings
  • Send images in landscape only (so, no portrait ones please)
  • Take photos in natural light only
  • Stand as far back as you can to photograph as much of the room as possible
  • Take at least 2 photos from each corner of the room
  • Include as many rooms as possible – we find the best way is to imagine your taking a guided tour of the property, starting at the front door and working your way through your home
  • No cars, people or animals in the photos please
  • No photos with time codes please
  • Please photograph driveways and parking
  • It’s very important to photograph your property looking clean, tidy and presentable, so it shows it looking its best!

If you have a floor plan of your property, please send it to us, as this is a huge help to our clients when they’re looking at prospective locations to film or shoot at.