10 multi-backdrop locations that cut time, cost & carbon

In years gone by, product shoots would often take place across several locations, with each one offering a different style, palette or period – allowing the team to visually separate product categories and bring some variation to their marketing materials. But it’s safe to say that the times, well, they are a-changin’…

Increasingly concerned by shrinking budgets and the state of the planet, brands, agencies and production companies are looking for ways to save time, money and carbon – and they’re finding the answer in multi-backdrop locations: individual film and photography locations that could pass as several places.

Here, we bring you a selection of locations outside of London, where you’ll find all kinds of differently styled rooms. It’s by no means an exhaustive list – we purposely select locations of this sort because we know how valuable they are to our clients, so get in touch if you like the concept, but don’t see what you’re after.

  1. Renovated Georgian family home, Lancashire

Open plan kitchen diner, renovated Georgian family home, film and photo location, Lancashire

This incredible renovated Georgian family home in Lancashire offers a great mix of modern and traditional decor, with plenty of different spaces in various colours and patterns, from a living room featuring period details to an ultra-modern kitchen with a conservatory-style ceiling, to a cartoon-themed children’s bedroom. Oh, and did we mention there’s a garden room?

See all backdrops at location #2907

  1. Period family home, North West

Open plan dining area and snug, period family home, film and photo location, Cheshire

This beautiful, detached home in Cheshire has already proved super popular as a location for photo shoots, with the open plan living room, kitchen and dining area alone providing a mix of backdrops in one single space. Throughout the rest of the property, you’ll find lots more light and bright rooms accessorised with colourful furniture.

View the other rooms at location #2874

  1. Red brick family home, Wilmslow

Coastal themed outhouse, family home, film and photography location, Wilmslow

With period features in the bedrooms, modern tiling in the bathroom, a sleek open-plan kitchen/living area and a coastal-themed outdoor guest room (with a mezzanine level), there’s no shortage of inspiration for photo shoots at this renovated family home in Wilmslow, Cheshire.

See more images of location #2860

  1. Scandi-style family home, Manchester

Scandinavian style bedroom, family home, film and photography location, Manchester

If you’ve got a range of bedroom products to show off, this tastefully styled family home in Manchester could be just the ticket, with each bedroom taking on a totally unique appearance, but with an overarching Scandinavian theme throughout bringing a sense of cohesiveness to it all. The exposed red brick walls on the lower levels are a thing to behold too!

See the downstairs rooms at location #2779

  1. Concealed rustic industrialism, Birmingham

Rustic industrial living room, residential film location, Birmingham

Behind the whitewashed exterior of this large residential location in Birmingham, is a fabulous set of rooms that bring together natural and man-made materials to create an industrial rustic haven! With dark and neutral tones throughout, this inspiring house lends itself perfectly to shoots that require a range of setups.

Step inside location #2695

  1. Beautiful stone villa, West Yorkshire

Living room, stone villa for film and photography shoots, West Yorkshire

With rooms that could pass for anything from a Soho gentlemen’s club to a coastal getaway, we’re struggling to think of a product that wouldn’t look good against the backdrop of this West Yorkshire family home. And as if the multiple backdrops in the house itself weren’t enough, there’s also a large modern extension on the building, which could be an different location entirely!

Marvel at the wonder of location #2487

  1. Modernised stately home, Lancashire

Grand hallway, stately home, residential film & photography location, Lancashire

You can’t fail to be impressed by the level of attention that’s gone into restoring, preserving and enhancing the traditional features of this Lancashire residential location – not to mention the modernisation of many of its rooms! At once old and new, we can imagine anything from period dramas to furniture shoots happening here. In fact, with a great driveway, tennis court, pond, sauna, indoor BBQ, summer-house, large patio and traditional greenhouse to boot, the possibilities are endless.

Go back in time at location #2844

  1. Opulent period home, Lancashire

Opulent living room, period family home, film location, lancashire

This gem of a location is a joy to step into, with sumptuous rooms throughout providing backdrops ranging from gold patterned walls and luxurious furnishings to monochrome tiles and Shaker-style cabinets. And with wonderful, lush gardens all around it, as well as a long, crew-friendly driveway, there’s lots of scope for hunkering down for a few days and milking every drop of its potential.

Explore the many rooms at location #2919

  1. Modern mansion, Cheshire

Open plan kitchen and living room, modern mansion, cheshire filming location

This modern mansion with a period twist is full of contrasts – and backdrops! Sleek and minimalist, yet featuring the sash windows, wall panels and country gardens of days gone by – and with walls ranging from off-white, to dark grey, to jungle green – this Cheshire location is multi-backdrop heaven.

Check out the ultra-modern kitchen at location #2938

  1. Unusual, mismatched offices, Manchester

10 multi-backdrop locations that cut time, cost & carbon UK Locations

Of course, it’s not just residential locations that provide multiple backdrops for photography shoots; plenty of commercial locations do too, like these Manchester offices. With rooms that echo not just different styles, but entirely different periods of history, it’s positively oozing with potential for both film and photography shoots!

Walk through time at location #2883

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