What’s in your Billingham – Kerry Harrison

This monthly feature gives you a sneaky peek into the Billingham Bag belonging to one of the North’s top photographers – Kerry Harrison is March’s photographer of choice…..

Kerry Harrison came to photography after a previous career as a musician and trained by assisting many photographers in the north of England. He now works for advertising design and branding agencies across the country. Favouring a natural and spontaneous approach, Kerry’s work makes the most of available light and draws influences from classic reportage and fashion photography.

Kerry has also branched out into directing and his debut feature film ‘We’re Here For A Good Time, Not A Long Time’  is currently in the last staged of Post Production.

Visit Kerry’s websites for photography and film.

So what’s in his bag?

1. Canon 5Dmk3 camera with 40mm Pancake lens- It’s like Canon secretly got a list of everything I wanted in a camera and then made the 5Dmk3. Super fast auto focus and great in low light – everything you need when you’re trying to capture spontaneous moments! The 40mm lens is great for a classic slightly wide look and really light and tiny!

2. Canon 100mm Macro IS lens – A great focal length for photographing people and the image stabilization work so well when shooting video. There are moments where it’s almost like a steadicam. It’s also one of the sharpest Canon lenses for those who like that kind of thing.

3. Gaffa Tape – For leads, cables, props and occasionally mouths!

4. White Balance Card – For getting a correct colour and then disregarding in favour of something nicer.

5. Compact Flash Cards – I like shooting to a laptop but sometimes the freedom of shooting to card just gets better results.

6. Interesting Old camera – You never know, sometimes there’s something that might look nice on a different camera. This is a Contax T2 as used by Terry Richardson, Juergen Teller and many steam railywas enthusiasts due to its super sharp lens.

7. Fuji 800ISO Colour Neg Film – Grainy, muted, rubbish and amazing in equal measures!

8. Reflector – I rarely use lights so these become very useful. I always carry 3 of these Lastolite ones as well as 2 California Sunbounces.

9. Right Shoe – Place in front of number 10, wait for 10 seconds to overtake and repeat. I prefer shooting handheld to using a tripod as I can react to situations and build spontaneity into the images.

10 Left Shoe – See 9.

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