The Best of British With Sherborne Upholstery

Recently the team at UK Locations worked with the extremely professional, The Media Works on a 5 day photoshoot for Sherborne Upholstery at various Northern locations.

With a huge British-made product range to shoot, The Media Works needed four different photography locations with varying styled backdrops to ensure that all shots could be achieved. The locations also needed to be large and spacious enough to enable the team to move furniture with ease, so not to eat into their photography time.

The Media Works and Sherborne Upholstery have been working together for over 20 years – clearly this partnership works, and from these images you can see why! UK Locations is honoured to be apart of it.

Northern photography locations used:

  • 2222 – Yorkshire photography location
  • 1419 – Manchester photography location
  • 2086 – Manchester photography location
  • 2156 – Yorkshire photography location


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