We’re talking about Christmas, please don’t hate us!

Talking about Christmas when Autumn has only just ‘officially’ started is crazy we know. But having seen numerous posts on social media about how many days it is until Christmas (93) we wanted to tell you about some of our best Locations which are perfect for a Winter shoot.

When Ellie and I went to photograph Location 2417 near Leeds in July all we could think about was how amazing the sitting rom would look with a big Christmas tree in it. With the sash windows, high ceilings, cornicing and stunning fireplace – this is the room we want to open our presents on Christmas Day!

If you need a big family house for filming, then Location 2260 in Cheshire is one to look at. The owners are brilliant and are used to big crews, and the sheer spaces available offer lots of possibilities.

For a more contemporary shoot Location 2453 in London has some exciting splashes of colour that offer a modern twist to any shoot.

We then got a bit carried away researching Christmas Trees and we found these modern decorating ideas on Design Milk, which have made us want to throw away our existing decorations and start again!

We also loved this blog by The Design Shepherd and we think these reusable adhesive decorations are fab.

That’s it we promise we will not mention Christmas again until it is appropriate to dust off the mulled wine from the back of the cupboard.

If you like any of these locations or you want to send us links to Christmas ideas please send them to louise.bates@uklocations.co.uk (don’t worry we won’t tell anyone that you have talked about Christmas in September!)

*Christmas Tree images borrowed from Design Milk*

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