A day in the life of a location owner

Over the next couple of months we are chatting to some of our lovely location owners. We hope that they will give you an insight into what it is like to be a location owner.

This week we spoke to Edwina, the owner of Location 2411 in West Yorkshire.

How long have you been registered with UK Locations?

I registered with UK Locations in June 2014. So have been with UK Locations for about six months.

How many shoots have you done?

I have done three shoots.

How did you find the day? Did you stay in or go out for the day?

I found the day easy – I handed over the keys and left for the whole day, staying with family who live about 10 mins away. Handy!

What has it been like working with UK Locations?

It has been a great six months! Everyone at UK Locations is courteous and great at communication and keeping me informed every step of the way. I feel my home is safe in their hands.

What advice would you give to someone who hasn’t done a shoot before?

Make sure you find out which areas of the house they want to use and to declutter/tidy/clean these areas as best as you can before they arrive to shoot. Also, tea, coffee and biscuits keep everyone happy!

What was the best bit?

Getting lovely comments from the various crews on what a lovely home we have.

Would you recommend registering your property with UK Locations?

Yes, I would not hesitate in telling friends.

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