UK Locations sees huge increase in demand for online video shoots

Since January we’ve seen an huge increase in bookings for online video shoots.  So much so that over 25% of our shoots are now for this channel.  Whilst the shift online has happened a little quicker than we we expected, it’s hardly surprising.

In a time of information overload and busy lives, Animoto recently reported that four times as many consumers would rather watch a video about a product than read it.  Couple this with the fact that online video is often more cost effective to produce than traditional TV, as well as its unrivalled ability to convey the true personality of a brand, and you can see why media spend has shifted so rapidly.

To find out more about how UK Locations can support our clients with online content creation we sat down with Paul Brodie, MD of Manto Films who specialise in creative web video.

What makes an online video different to a more traditional TV ad?

A lot of brands make the mistake of thinking online video should just be a scaled down version of a TV ad but they’re really missing the point of how it works.  85% of online videos are actually watched without audio, so it’s hugely important to get the message across more visually.  Similarly, online it’s vital you capture an audience’s interest in the first 3 seconds, otherwise they’ll scroll right past. You can’t really afford to build up to a big message or reveal like you would in a TV ad.  

What do you look for when you’re considering a location for an online shoot?

In terms of the shoot itself, production tends to be on a smaller scale than TV, meaning shoot days can be shorter and crew members smaller.  That said, you may need to film more scenes in a day, or even multiple videos in one shoot.   We look for locations that have the flexibility to shoot multiple scenes easily, either through staging or simply moving from room to room.

Often we look for locations that reflect real life rather than aspirational ones.  So a large family home with a lived in feel is ideal.  Although as we have less crew and kit to think about, they don’t have to be huge!

Finally as budgets tend to be smaller, we often try to keep shoots local and minimise travel spend.  Having access to a range of locations local to us in Leeds really helps with that.

What kinds of locations have you been using?

We use a variety of locations, dependent on the type of job.  One UK Locations’ property that worked well for us recently was location 2616.   It’s a spacious property but feels reflective of many homes in West Yorkshire.  It’s neutrally decorated throughout, meaning we could shoot in a range of rooms easily.  And as an added bonus, it was less than 20 minutes drive from our offices, so we could recce easily and keep travel down.  The value of having good, flexibile locations locally is huge to us.

If you’re looking for flexible locations in the North of England that are suitable for online shoots we have a number of locations that could work for you.  Call Cat in our enquiries team on 0113 269 1596 to discuss your brief.

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