Free mental health support guide for creatives

With World Mental Health Day upon us once again, we decided it was a good time to look at the support that’s available for people working in the creative industries – i.e. us and our clients. Because as anyone who works in film, TV, advertising or marketing knows, they’re not always the easiest environments to work in. There are deadlines, things are constantly changing, there’s job insecurity… And among all that, there’s life outside of work to contend with too.

As a company, this is a massive issue for us. In previous lives, we’ve been there, enjoyed the buzz… and suffered the bullying, long hours and high expectations. And that’s why we put mutual care and respect at the heart of what we do here at UK Locations. For us, a thriving business is one where everyone involved with it is thriving – our clients, our location partners, our suppliers, and our own team.

So, we’ve put together a quick-glance guide to mental health support for the creative industries, which you can download right here ????

UK Locations’ quick glance Mental Health Support Guide for creatives. 

In it, you’ll find lots of industry-specific resources. You’ll also find some pretty stark facts. They’re nothing to be proud of – but by showing the extent of the problem, they might help start vital conversations. And if you hold a position of influence at your company, they might galvanise you to make some changes where you work to minimise the causes of mental health issues and to ensure that your team has the best support possible.


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