Sustainable advertising shoots – FREE crib sheet!

Work for a brand, production company or ad agency and feel a bit lost when it comes to reducing the carbon imprint of your shoots?

You’re not alone – a lot of our clients who work on ads and product shoots have told us they want to make them more sustainable but don’t quite know where to begin.

So, we’ve put together a quick-glance guide which you can download right here ????

UK Locations’ quick glance guide to sustainable production

Sustainability is hugely important to us and, as well as getting our own house in order, we’re committed to doing whatever we can to help our clients reduce their own carbon footprint (the 360 virtual recces we’re rolling out across our library are just the beginning, with more to come as we move closer to B-Corp certification).

Our free downloadable sustainability pdf includes a condensed guide to an organisation called AdGreen and all its free resources, along with 20 ideas for reducing your production’s carbon imprint, many of which you can implement straight away.

We hope you find it useful – please let us know if you manage to make any changes as a result, either by sending an email or tagging us (@uklocations) on social media. We’d love to share your success stories to inspire and inform others.

Here’s to a greener production landscape…

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