LAUNCHED! Industry-first Location Manager VIP Service

Location Managers are some of the hardest working people in the screen industries (trust us – we’ve been there ourselves, and we see it all the time in the Location Managers who use our services).

Being a Location Manager for film and TV drama isn’t just a case of finding locations – there’s everything that happens before and after that, too: first, interpreting the director’s vision (this is an art in itself), and then, having found the locations that match that vision (hundreds, potentially), aligning the availability of them with that of the film crew – whilst also considering things like travel, budget, and now, Covid protocols and even carbon reduction measures.

Add to that an ever-increasing workload (thanks to record demand for the kind of high-quality TV drama the UK is so good at producing, an equally buoyant film production industry, and a corresponding workforce shortage) and you can see why the job of a Location Manager can be challenging, to say the least. 

Roll out the red carpet!

As far as we’re concerned, Location Managers deserve some extra special treatment. Which is why we’ve launched the industry’s first Location Manager VIP Service. It includes everything that comes as standard for all our clients, as well as several additional services that have been developed to address the specific needs of Location Managers:

  • Location options & recces in a day – because time with the Director is short.
  • An expert Drama & Film Account Manager – someone from our team who understands the specific needs of a Location Manager and works just for them.
  • Unlimited unwatermarked location images – so Location Managers can add them into the mix of the other expertly scouted locations they’ve found for the Director.
  • 360° virtual recces following a hugely successful trial run, with lots of positive feedback from Location Managers, who told us that our virtual recces had reduced the number of in-person visits needed, saving time, hassle and carbon output for the whole production, we’re rolling out the initiative across the entire library.

Of course, Location Managers can expect to benefit from our standard offering, too:

  • Guaranteed easy access to a wide range of high-end TV and film locations – we develop long-standing and exclusive relationships with our Location Partners so we can get you into locations from our online library quicker. 
  • Convenient locations – we specialise in providing drama & film locations throughout the nations and regions (both residential and commercial), all of which are within an hour of the UK’s main shooting cities.
  • Shoot-ready locations – we carry out a full assessment of all our locations to ensure that they work logistically for drama and film shoots, and we give in-person training to all of our Location Partners, so that they understand the intricacies of large scale shoots. Together, these measures ensure that your shoot runs as smoothly as possible.


Are you a Location Manager? Then in our books you’re a VIP and we’d love to support you in your role. Whether you’re looking for a specific location right now, or simply want to sign up for regular updates on how we can help you, get in touch  and we’ll make it happen.

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