The talented Nicholas Rose Designs tells us about this inspiration in Lighting

Now that the winter nights are drawing in, you realise just how important good lighting is. Finding the correct light fitting can take months (if not longer) as the statement that a light makes is enormous.

We are very privileged that founder of Nicholas Rose Design, Nicholas Rose has kindly agreed to share his inspiration for  current trends in lighting;

“I always remember when growing up that lighting for spaces, especially domestic, being very form and function. My memory of interior fashions and trends in the Eighties were, in my opinion, quite bland. I recall in some houses everything matching – chairs, sofas, wallpaper, lampshades, even carpet! All the same fabric, or pattern, or colour. The spaces or rooms we occupied seemed smaller back then, or made me feel claustrophobic. There never seemed enough light.

Admittedly most of the places I visited back then were pretty mainstream and thankfully, in the last 20 years or so things have changed. We are blessed with the advances of design and technology in lighting that can give architects and interior designers the ability to make spaces work with the most unusual collection of available light, space and new materials.

For example, who would have thought the use of concrete as a finishing material would become so popular; yet balancing it with flashes of colour, personalised interior design, and beautiful lighting, and it just works.

Without doubt there has been a wonderful shift in the perception of lighting, and what can be done in a space that requires illuminating. Lighting takes an idiosyncratic position in my life; anything goes! I believe lighting should be equally as beautiful when switched off as well as on and I love the use of colour, especially when it is bold and dominant in a space.

Today’s use of decorative lighting expresses individual style and personalities, sets tones, and can stir emotions instantly, however it is important to maintain harmony in any space. Subtle and unobtrusive background lighting when installed using intelligent interior design is vital, and can produce brilliant, almost natural light which I find just as alluring.

Lighting, when combined correctly can transform the most unrefined spaces into habitable dwellings, such as shipping containers, creating new ways for us to live sustainably, yet beautifully.

To say the future of lighting is bright is a bit predictable, but thankfully, the scope of lighting design has never been more colourful.”

We also thought it was a  great opportunity to show off and share some of the amazing lighting designs that our very stylish location owners have.

A great example of how to add pops of colour with lighting is evident in this location – Location 2298

There are some really cool and artistic lighting pieces throughout this location -the wire chandelier is a particular favourite. Location 2447

The different styles of lighting used throughout this location show that you can mix both modern and traditional seamlessly – Location 2411

To have a look through the full collection of our favourite lighting pieces scroll through our lighting board on our new Pinterest!

We’ve also found some really creative designs to show you just for fun.

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