New website, brand & name – same great locations & service!

This year we’re turning 18! To celebrate, we’re evolving with a fresh makeover, an enhanced website experience and a brand new name! Welcome to the next level of locations…

Key website benefits

We leveraged so much client feedback to craft a site tailored to their needs:

  1. Advanced search: Quickly find locations with our efficient search functionality.
  2. Intelligent filtering: Search by area, type, style, trends and map view for precise results.
  3. Virtual recces: Experience each location virtually, saving time and money.
  4. Professional photography: High-quality images of every location to help clients visualise their shoots with accuracy.
  5. Exclusive properties: Access over 300 unique locations not available on any other agent’s site.
  6. Downloadable PDFs: Easily share and discuss detailed PDFs of each location in team meetings.
New website, brand & name - same great locations & service! UK Locations
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Why the name change?

We’ll always be UK Locations at heart but we’ve shortened our brand name to UKL to reflect our evolution and align to how many of our clients already refer to us.

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