The North West locations used in BBC’s Everything I Know About Love

The TV adaptation of Dolly Alderton’s bestselling novel/memoir by the same name, Everything I Know About Love – featuring several locations in our library – exploded onto our screens last night (7th June 2022), with the first episode in a series of seven

And it didn’t go unnoticed.

A Daily Mail headline shouts provocatively about “scenes of naked dancing, drugs and PLENTY of sex”, while The Times offers a more sedate summary, calling the BBC One drama series “A charming witty celebration of life’s grubby golden phase”

Over at The Guardian, meanwhile, columnist Lucy Mangan describes it as “Fun, if utterly exhausting”, noting the show’s intended Millennial audience and the years that stand between her own youth and theirs.

Nightlife locations used in Everything I Know About Love

A story about four friends in their early twenties, sharing a flat in London and enjoying the freedoms that come with it, there are certainly lots of bars and nightclubs in the show. 

As specialists in providing high-end TV drama locations, we were able to give the production company behind the series, Working Title Television, fast and easy access to the northern nightlife locations they needed, whilst making sure our location partners and their clients were impacted as little as possible (because treating everyone fairly is how we do things around here).

Have a snoop around Manchester bar and restaurant locations #2721 and #2909 and keep your eyes peeled for them as the series continues! 

The star of the show…

Okay, most people might argue that Emma Appleton (who you might recognise as Princess Renfri from the Netflix series, The Witcher, or as Feef Symonds in the Channel 4 series, Traitors) has the starring role as 24-year-old Maggie.

But if we’re talking about locations, the star of the show has to be Liverpool’s staggeringly beautiful Martin’s Bank – a.k.a. location #2892

Owned by our commercial location partners, Kinrise – a property investment company that specialises in restoring buildings to their former glory – this grade II listed former bank has already been used as a location in numerous popular TV dramas and films, including ‘Peaky Blinders’, ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ and ‘The Bullion Boys’.

The big question is, how does this ornate landmark building show up in the series? TV drama departments can do wonderful things with locations, giving us a perspective on them that we’d never have dreamed of before. 

Keep watching Everything I Know About Love on BBC One, or catch up on the BBC iPlayer, and all will be revealed…

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