We are parquet obsessed

We’ve noticed a growing trend for parquet flooring lately and we have to admit that we are loving it. Whenever a location registers and we spot a parquet floor we do a number of things ranging from letting out a little squeal, punching the air, high five-ing or all of the above!

There are so many styles of parquet flooring within our own lovely locations and we’ve found that designers are creating new and fresh styles that we absolutely love.


dezeen have written a great feature on parquet flooring by Alma-nac who have recently renovated London apartments with colourful herringbone patterns.


Here’s a taster of some of our favourite parquet flooring in our locations:

Location 2415 this stunning Cambridgeshire home has a beautiful herringbone parquet floor which runs throughout the bottom of the house.


Location 2400 this former Church in Cheshire has been beautifully restored and the parquet flooring is simply stunning.


Location 2447 is one of our newest locations in Harrogate and the amazing floor flows throughout the whole of the downstairs.


We’ve also created a Pinterest board full of parquet flooring ideas that we hope you enjoy!



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