5 residential filming locations with private outdoor swimming pools

Summer has hit the UK and the sun is shining brightly, even in the North (Disclaimer: at the time of writing, it was!). It’s the ideal moment to hire a location with an outdoor swimming pool for your film, TV and photography shoots. Here, you’ll find 5 of our favourite locations with a private pool, outside of London. Dive in!

1. Small private swimming pool for hire, Lincolnshire

outdoor swimming pool, filming and photography location, lincolnshire

Tucked inside the courtyard area of this wonderful former rectory in a quiet Lincolnshire village, is a small but perfectly formed outdoor swimming pool that’s available to hire along with the rest of the property, for filming and photo shoots. With a high red brick wall along one length of the pool, a patio seating area on the other, and lights strung over the pool itself, it’s easy to imagine shoots based on anything from a pool party on a late summer’s evening to a relaxed daytime family gathering.

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2. New outdoor swimming pool for filming, Cheshire

outdoor swimming pool, filming and photography location, manor house, cheshire

You’d be forgiven for thinking that this ultra-modern outdoor swimming pool is part of an equally modern architectural home. Because it kind of is. But, at the same time, it most definitely isn’t. Confused? Let us explain… This gorgeous private pool was recently added as part of a rear garden reconstruction and sits behind a modern extension. But the extension adjoins – and, from the front, is concealed by – an Elizabethan manor house that’s part of an estate dating back to 1510!

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3. Brick laid outdoor swimming pool for photo shoots, Cheshire

outdoor swimming pool, filming and photography location, cheshire

This beautiful brick-laid outdoor swimming pool sits at the back of a large, elegant countryside location in Cheshire. Surrounded by high red brick walls and mature hedges, with an outbuilding and two palm trees at one end of the pool, we can see it being used for everything from tempting Instagram reels and professional product shoots to cool TV dramas.

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4. Outdoor pool with steps for film and photography, Leicestershire

outdoor swimming pool, filming and photography location, leicestershire

It might not have been part of the original grounds of this impressive Leicestershire manor house film location, but the outdoor swimming pool looks perfectly at home alongside the tennis court, stables and paddock that surround it. One of many unusual backdrops to be found on the site (the manor itself is crammed full of them, with beautiful high ceilings and lots of period detailing throughout), it could easily feature as part of a photographic series or period TV drama.

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5. Private outdoor pool with countryside view, Shropshire

outdoor swimming pool, filming and photography location, shropshire

An outdoor swimming pool is one thing, but a private pool with expansive views of the Shropshire countryside is a whole other matter. Perched on a hill, behind and slightly below a beautiful Grade II listed Georgian house, this private pool is bordered by a light concrete edge and lush green grass that leads the eye towards the vanishing landscape. Set remotely from the house, with nothing built around or even near to it, this private outdoor pool would be the ideal place to show off outdoor furniture products and capture footage for social media campaigns.

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There’s more…

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indoor swimming pool, filming and photography shoot location, west yorkshire

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