Our top 5 spooky shoot locations

As the bony hand of Hallowe’en taps us all on the shoulder once again, we bring you our top 5 spooky film and photo shoot locations. Beware, while some merely look like they could be haunted, there have been numerous reportings of ghostly encounters at others, so do pack your ghost taser should you choose any of them for your next shoot!


  1. Martins Bank, Liverpool

Underground vaults at spooky filming location martins bank in liverpool

Haunted or not, there’s something undeniably creepy about vaults and underground chambers – and Martins Bank in Liverpool has plenty of those. There are some serious Ghostbusters vibes upstairs on the ground floor too, with the former banking hall being oddly reminiscent of the Ghost-infested New York Public Library that features in the film

Walk straight through the walls into location 2892


  1. Capesthorne Hall, Cheshire

drawing room at spooky filming location, capesthorne hall in chshire

Having borne witness to almost 1000 years of history – from Roman Legions crossing it and Normans hunting on it, to a huge fire in 1861, which resulted in the entire middle section of the Hall being rebuilt – it’s perhaps not surprising that Cheshire’s Capesthorne Hall is riddled with ghost stories. Nor that ITV’s Most Haunted was filmed there not once, but twice, with the team attempting to catch camera footage of the ‘grey lady’ often seen passing by the west wing, the group of shadows that are said to walk down the stairs into the chapel vault, or the disembodied arm that’s been heard banging on a bedroom window.

Peep through your fingers at location 2515


  1. Abney Hall, Greater Manchester

white drawing room at spooky filming location, abney hall near manchester

Google ‘Abney Hall ghost’ and the closest you’ll get to a chilling tale about this grade II listed property is an account of Agatha Christie writing some of her bestselling novels there. Go there in person, however, and you quickly realise that Google doesn’t know everything. Now in the hands of our commercial location partners, Bruntwood (who’ve created some truly unique offices there), Abney Hall was built on the original site of Cheadle Grove Print Works, which burnt to the ground in 1847. Could this be why so many – including our very own Cat – got the willies when she was inside ‘the white room’…?

Roam location 2947 with our 360 virtual recce


  1. Howsham Hall, North Yorkshire

exterior and grounds of spooky filming location howsham hall in north yorkshire

Grade I listed Howsham Hall near York is a stunning example of Jacobean architecture and infused with history. Some of it rather unnerving… The Curse of Kirkham – which warns that ‘All male heirs of the estate will perish’ and ‘true happiness will never come to that family or its successors’ – is said to have been put upon the hall and its owners when it was built, due to the ‘sacrilege’ use of stone and timber plundered from nearby Kirkham Priory, where there’d been a thriving religious community until King Henry VIII’s violent dissolution of the monasteries.

Blow a raspberry at the curse and see location 2663


  1. Empty cotton mill, Lancashire

spooky filming location former lancashire cotton mill

Looking for a grittier spooky building for your film or photo shoot? We’re yet to come across any ghost stories about location 1970 but leave anyone alone in this empty former cotton mill for long enough and we reckon their imagination would soon kick in! With access to a pillared warehouse covering 28,000 square feet, a vast rooftop, and an engine house, there’s plenty of scope for scaring your audience – or yourselves – silly!

Go beyond the veil and explore location 1970


Happy Hallowe’en!







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