UK Locations: Busiest month on record

And breathe…!

March was certainly unexpected and it felt like 3 months rolled into one – the amount of shoots we worked on would suggest so as well! What a change from this time last March when the UK had just been plunged into its first lockdown and we had no way to tell how long we’d be without any shoots in the pipeline. What a difference a year makes.

This month has seen us finalise details for not 1 but 3 of our locations for the new upcoming Netflix drama, Stay Close alongside the wonderful, Red Production Company – did we mention location 2751 will play the main characters home?!

Aside from the exciting Netflix production, there’s been some beautiful interior shoots, we’ve created a tonne of 360 virtual recces and organised more social media campaigns than you can shake a selfie stick at.

To say our industry has bounced back is an understatement and we for one are sure glad to hear the phone ringing off the hook and have our email inbox full again. Nothing makes us happier than helping clients make their creative dreams a reality.

CLICK HERE to watch our short monthly round up video.

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