Disney+ Wedding Season filming locations (that have been totally transformed)

Pitched as a ‘rom-com action thriller’, Wedding Season – released on 8th September – is the first UK Original series to come from Disney+ and we’re super proud to have provided several filming locations for it, two of which were transformed in ways you wouldn’t even know about (if we didn’t tell you!)…

Wedding Season: A brief overview

Brilliantly scheduled for broadcast at the end of the real ‘wedding season’, this latest offering from Disney+ tells the story of Katie and Stefan, who fall for each other at a wedding – shortly before Katie’s own wedding is due to take place.

Standard rom-com love triangle stuff, you might think. Except this is an ‘action thriller’ too, and we see both of those genres emerge on the day of Katie’s wedding, when her new husband’s entire family is murdered – leaving both she and Stefan as the prime suspects.

Where was Wedding Season shot?

Starring Rosa Salazar (Bird Box) and Gavin Drea (Vikings: Vallaha) as lovers on the run, Wedding Season features a wide variety of locations, including period properties, a police station and even a wooden church in what could pass as the Wild West. It also features four of our Manchester filming locations.

Along with architectural stunner, location #2786, and an apartment with an incredible view of the city (location #2822), the genre-busting series features two commercial filming locations that were totally transformed.

Unexpected locations used in Wedding Season

Canada House belongs to our partners at property investment group, Kinrise, and normally operates as a co-working space. For wedding Season, however, it was turned into an entirely convincing dressmaker’s studio!

The Wedding Season production team did equally impressive things with location #2884, an office owned by our commercial partners, Bruntwood, transforming it into a Chinese restaurant (which, for those who can’t wait, is visible for a brief moment in the official Wedding Season trailer). Location Manager, Lois Williams, explains how they did it:

“We changed a city office space into a Chinese restaurant by putting statues inside of the hall way of the reception, added lights and lots of oriental themes. We also spoke to the businesses within the building to ask if we could fablon their windows. It completely changed the average look of the office block.”

You can keep an eye out for all the Manchester filming locations used in Wedding Season, when the series starts streaming exclusively on Disney+ on 8th September 2022.

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