What’s in your Billingham?

This month sees the first of our monthly feature where we get to have a sneaky peek into the Billingham bag belonging to one of the North’s top photographers. First up is Leeds based Angus McDonald…

Angus has steadily grown his client base for 9 years and can now boast a brilliant array of foodie clients. He recently won a SUN award for his St Georges Cross project and is now embarking on his Lincoln Green project which explores cultural diversity in a small space. Angus’s main passion is music-he has a huge collection of vinyl including late 70’s disco and afro beats. Cool.

We’ve teamed up with Billingham to offer an amazing competition to win a Billingham bag of your choice. For more info click here.

So what’s in his bag?

As a true pro, Angus carries around all the essentials to ensure he’s always prepared to capture that perfect shot:

1) Guide to Paris – Angus spent New Year in Paris and his Billingham went with him!

2) Lens cleaner

3) Promo postcards

4) Grey scale

5) Compass

6) Polariser

7) Fuji Xpro –  this is his point and shoot camera that he uses for his personal work, documentary style shoots and street photography

8) 60 mil lens

9) Emergency batteries

10) Memory card

11) Lens cap

12) Dust blower

13) St. George’s Cross themed mailer – it’s an award winner!

14) Business cards – you don’t know who you’re going to meet!

15) 18 mil lens


Visit Angus’s site here

Visit the Billingham site here

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