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West Yorkshire
Homes - Family

Features & Styles

  • Children's Bedroom
  • Exposed Materials


For a playful and vibrant take on a traditional family home, look no further.

Packed with colour and Scandinavian design, this fruitful location would be well suited to family-orientated shoots, smaller scale lifestyle or product shoots. The kitchen alone is bright and airy, and packs a punch with bohemian styled urban fixtures and fittings, great backdrop additions, combined with a genuine warm lived-in feel.

This Victorian red brick feels inviting and homely, and combines comforting elements of exposed brick walls and soft wood flooring which enhance the family aesthetic. The living area is a key feature of the location, well furnished and with stunning deep blue walls, this space alone would be ideal for furniture shoots, and overall would be a great location for lifestyle, intimate interview content, and editorial stills and films.

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