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Reference Code: 2736

It’s safe to say we have never come across a location quite like this, and so we are thrilled to have it on our library! A former water tower, equipped with old stone staircases spiralling within, has now been transformed with a fantastically futuristic architectural home, offering white sweeping walls, and astonishing 360 degree views from the roof terrace that look out for miles.

In minimalist perfection, this location offers a range of possibilities for backdrops that would produce stunning results for your clients. Similarly, with the opportunity to use this location in film is one not to be missed, mimicking a James Bond-style lair that is waiting to be featured in a vast range of still and film productions. The lighting within each element of the contemporary space has also been specifically designed to allow for ambient balance throughout, and with clean lines, floating staircases, high ceilings and a completely clean interior, there is no end to what you could achieve at this location!