We’re a multi-talented, multi-tasking bunch, offering our clients three key services:

Location Library

We understand the Northern advertising and film market and have built a library of relevant, flexible and friendly locations. Our unique matching process means we use the briefing stage to really get to grips with your shoot requirements and can find you the perfect location in the North to meet your needs.

The benefits of using our library include:

  • Saving you money – Our locations compete with anything you’ll find in the South, enabling you to keep your shoots local and costs down, without ever compromising the standard of your work.
  • Saving you time – We’ve put in years of scouting work to bring you locations where your perfect shoot can happen. Each one is visited, interviewed and photographed by us so that we know it is big enough to shoot in, it has great access and friendly and relaxed owners.
  • Give you more options – Our team is extremely responsive and we’ll send you a range of options that we know will work well for your type of shoot immediately, including solutions you may not have considered before.
  • Giving you location owners you can trust – Each of our location partners is know to us personally. They’re fully briefed ahead of a shoot and know what to expect on the day, meaning they can leave you to get on with the shoot.
  • Removing the hassle of negotiations – We manage all of the contractual work and negotiations with the location on your behalf, saving you time and effort. We’ve worked with on of the UK’s most respected law firms to develop our comprehensive contract and our e-signature system means you can sign it on the go!
  • Making you shine – Our main aim is to make your work shine. We’ll provide you with a range professional photos and full location information for each location, enabling you to present your perfect shoot plans to the highest standards.

“UK Locations have never let me down and I do often have requests that go beyond the call of duty. Not only down to timescales, but also diversity. Loop Photography works because we’re all team players and I feel UK Locations is a vital part of our team”.

Heidi Lunt
Director — Loop Photography