Location Managers

We offer a high-end locations management service, fully accredited by the Location Managers Guild. Our location managers are some of the best in the North and are well known for their outstanding level of service, professionalism and knowledge of the industry. They’ll work with you, pretty much as an extension of your team, to create the perfect shoot.

We the Location Manager Package includes the following:

  • Location manager provided for the entirety of the shoot
  • Full location owner briefing and agreement to all elements of the shoot pre-production, ensuring there are no surprises for either parties on the day
  • Management of all logistics before, during and after the shoot including obtaining all necessary permits, letter dropping the neighbourhood, arranging and managing parking and the unit base and ensuring the location is used in line with the location owner agreement throughout the day
  • Key point of contact between the location owner and production crew on the day
  • Pre and post production location inspection with the owner and management of any rectifications
  • Coordination of post-shoot tidy up, returning location to pre-shoot standard
  • Provision of post-shoot deep clean
  • We will order and arrange all on-shoot support items needed for example floor protection, cones and rubbish collection

"UK Locations, have the largest location library in the North, they not only provide amazing location service to their clients, but they also look after the location as though it was their own!"

Eileen Gartside
Services Producer – 422.TV