100+ amazing commercial locations added to our library

We’ve got some news – and we think you’re going to like it. 

UK Locations has just signed exclusive filming partnership agreements with commercial property owners, Bruntwood and Kinrise – which means anyone wanting to use the incredible properties in their portfolios for film, TV or photography shoots can come to us (and only us) and we’ll make it happen. Pronto, if need be!

No need for introductions, no lengthy contracts to read or draw up, no double-bookings. Basically, no worries. 

Bruntwood and Kinrise own and operate a range of highly sought-after commercial properties across Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, and Liverpool. Properties on their books (and now in our library) include five buildings owned and restored by Kinrise – 34 Boar Lane in Leeds, the Citadel in Birmingham’s Corporation Street, an iconic Grade II listed former bank in Liverpool, and Canada House and the Albert Estate in Manchester – as well as Bruntwood’s numerous office, retail, co-working and science lab spaces.

Take me to your library!

Martin’s Bank Building in Liverpool, which was acquired by Kinrise in July this year, has already been booked as a location for a prime-time BBC drama, with two further bookings for productions by Netflix and Apple TV in the offing. And Bruntwood’s properties are proving equally popular, with Disney+ securing access to one of them within days of it being made available. 

Of course, there’s something in it for the companies we partner with – they get paid when their properties are used for shoots. But it’s not only about the money, according Bruntwood’s Senior Asset manager, Jordan Musker: 

“As a company whose fundamental purpose is to create thriving cities, we are delighted to have joined forces with UK Locations to make ours and our civic and academic partners’ assets available to a booming industry that’s creating thousands of jobs across the UK’s nations and regions and boosting the economy overall.” 

Co-founder at Kinrise, Sam Lawson Johnson, says the agreement with UK Locations will also give its landmark buildings the exposure they merit:

We specialise in returning buildings to their former glory, with a real focus on natural light, subtleties of design and attention to detail. Our intent is to reveal character and restore original features. We’ve invested in some truly magnificent buildings and getting them featured in films and on TV is the ideal way to make sure they’re seen and appreciated by people far and wide.”

Show me these incredible locations!

We’ll be signing more filming agreements with commercial property owners across the UK over the coming years, to make UK Locations the leading location agent outside of London providing outstanding, exclusive and high-end commercial and residential locations for film and TV drama. So if you’re in the business of finding locations for film, TV or photography shoots, you might want to add us to your favourites! 

To enquire about partnering with UK Locations, contact the company’s MD, Lauren York, at lauren.york@uklocations.co.uk or call 0113 204 5935.

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