Client & partner testimonial videos

Ask us what it’s like to work with UK Locations as a client or a Location Partner and we’d obviously say it’s brilliant! But let’s be honest, only the people who work with us really know what it’s like. Which is why we took the time to create these testimonial videos featuring some of our long-term clients and location partners (both residential and commercial). Scroll down to find the one you’re looking for – or grab a bucket of popcorn and binge-watch the lot!

Commercial Location Partners

Want to know more about the benefits of being a commercial location partner? Read a transcript of the full interview with Bruntwood’s Head of Asset Management, Jordan Musker.

Residential Location Partners

Considering hiring out your home as a shoot location, but want more information? Get the full lowdown from Emma in this Q&A transcript or read our Register a Location page.


Want more juicy details about what it’s like to use our location services? Read the full transcript of our interview with Mark O’Hanlon and Lois Williams.

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