Commercial filming locations used in Sexy Beast (Paramount+)

The Paramount+ prequel to the classic crime drama, Sexy Beast (2000), has arrived on our TV screens with 8 episodes for viewers to devour. Starring a whole new cast, the series traces the beginnings of the complex relationship between Gal Dove (originally played by Ray Winston) and Don Logan (previously, Sir Ben Kingsley), and features two of our commercial filming locations. Here we reveal which ones were used – and the financial gains this brought to the property companies that own them.

Where was Sexy Beast filmed?

Although the series is set in London, it was filmed almost exclusively in Liverpool, and you’ll see one of the city’s most iconic buildings – Martin’s Bank – in several scenes. Don’t expect the building’s exterior to give the game away though; only the interior was used. Another of the city’s more hidden gems was also used…

Which scenes in Sexy Beast feature Martin’s Bank?

In a nutshell, a lot – Martin’s Bank is an enormous structure with countless backdrops (even more when you throw in the creativity of an art director and their team). Its potential was maximised for this series, with the crew there for X weeks in total, bringing the owners of the building – property investment firm, Kinrise (one of our commercial Location Partners) – a rather handsome sum for a building that was standing empty whilst awaiting redevelopment. But more on that later.

Scenes to look out for:

  • One of the central characters takes various phone calls, in numerous scenes, as he leaves his ‘penthouse apartment’. Look out for the 8th-floor elevator lobby and revolving door too.
  • A robbery takes place in a ‘casino’ – a.k.a. the basement and 2nd floor of the building.
  • One of the show’s characters gets paid by another person, to take something from within an office during the night when it is closed for business. The office in question? The second floor (and lobby area) of Martin’s Bank!

Other Liverpool filming locations used in Sexy Beast

We also provided another filming location for the Sexy Beast prequel that’s now available on Paramount+: Queen’s Avenue (aka Location 2946), a small Victorian street with original street lighting, owned by Bruntwood – another commercial property development company whose huge portfolio we promote to the film and TV industry.

Scenes to look out for:

  • Two characters are walking down the arcade on their way to a ‘dance studio’ (in fact, a cleverly dressed restaurant exterior!)
  • One of the main characters walks through a crowd of football fans standing in the arcade.

Ancillary revenue from empty commercial buildings

As commercial property developers, both Kinrise and Bruntwood were able to generate significant ancillary revenue by hiring out these locations for Sexy Beast (Paramount+). Especially Kinrise, whose building, Martin’s Bank, was used heavily – resulting in a very (very!) nice five-figure reward. Better than it being left unused whilst waiting for planning permission, that’s for sure.

What’s more, Sexy Beast isn’t the only major production to have used Martin’s Bank as a filming location. Over the course of just over a year, four others – including Nolly (ITV) and Funny Woman (Sky Max) – were filmed there too. Add to that the fact that Martin’s Bank is just one of several buildings in their portfolio that we’ve represented over the last couple of years, and you can begin to see how lucrative the partnership with us has been for the company.

Take a look at Kinrise’s gorgeous office space in Leeds, which is still available for filming

Interested in becoming a commercial Location partner?

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Sexy Beast will stream on Paramount+ from the 25th January.

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