Where was Fool Me Once (Netflix) filmed?

Where was the Netflix series, Fool Me Once filmed?

If you’ve read the Harlan Coben novel, Fool Me Once, there’s a good chance you’ll be watching the Netflix adaptation of it, due out on New Year’s Day 2024. There’s also a good chance you’ll find yourself wondering where Fool Me Once was filmed, with the story taking place not in America, as it does in the novel, but in the UK…

Where was Fool Me Once filmed?

Despite the fact that Coben’s novel by the same name, published in 2016, was set in the United States, the majority of the TV version takes place in the UK. According to AtZfilminglocation, a short stint of filming also took place in Spain – specifically, in a little spot known as El Chorillo.

Where in the UK was Fool Me Once filmed?

Most of the locations used in Fool Me Once are in the North West – and five of them, including the main character’s house, were provided by UK Locations (details coming up). But it would seem that the show’s producers strayed across the Pennines for at least one scene…

Where in Yorkshire did they film Fool Me Once?

Back in July, the Halifax Courir published an article claiming that the actress Michelle Keegan (who plays central character, Maya) had been “spotted with a TV crew filming on Burdock Way near Orange Street roundabout in Halifax town centre.” And, according to their sources, the scene they were filming involved some sports cars.

Which North West filming locations were used in Fool Me Once?

We can tell you lots about the North West locations used in the series – because we provided several of them, including main character Maya’s family home.

Where is Maya’s house in Fool Me Once?

The stunning architectural build used as Maya’s house is known to us as location 2624 and was booked for a total of 8 weeks (bringing the location owner a rather tidy six-figure sum!). If it looks slightly familiar, that might be because this popular Cheshire filming location has also been used for all kinds of other film and photo shoots featuring brands such as OK! Magazine, Pilkington Glass and Arighi Bianchi.

Look out too for the detached period house – aka location 2770 – used as the home of Maya’s brother. We’re expecting this one to feature a fair amount too, despite it being the home of a peripheral character, with the crew having filmed there over several weeks.

Where is the airport in Fool Me Once?

The airfield where Maya, an ex-military helicopter pilot, now teaches flying lessons is, in fact, Barton Aerodrome, a private airport in Eccles, Manchester, which sits in our library as location 2810. This is another one that might be familiar to TV viewers, with it having been used in numerous popular shows, including C4’s The Curse and Cobra (Sky One).

Which other places in the North West feature in Fool Me Once?

For the police station, we provided a very impressive period building in Manchester – however, as this one is now occupied, we’ve stopped promoting it as a filming location. We also scouted one other location for the production, which isn’t in our library; a swanky central Manchester office lobby, for a scene in which a character sneaks past security.

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