Where was Cobra Season 3 (Sky) filmed?

Where was the Sky series Cobra 3 filmed?

Sky’s hit political drama series, Cobra, is back for a third season and this time, Robert Carlysle’s fictional government is dealing with environmental activism, a corrupted arms industry, and shadowy corporate security firms. But enough about the plot. What everyone really wants to know is, where was Cobra 3 filmed? Here, we reveal some of the northern locations to look out for…

Manchester filming locations used in Cobra 3

Having provided both a residential location and a small private airport for Cobra Season 2, it wasn’t long after Season 3 was given the green light that the show’s production team contacted us again. This time, in addition to the house they’d used in Season 2, they wanted some ‘minimalist’ living quarters, an “office like Tony Stark’s” and a high-end office lobby.

Cobra 3: The family home

The Cobra team already knew that location 2874 – a family home in Cheshire – suited their filming needs, so it was quickly rebooked for Season 3. As is standard for a TV drama of this size, a crew of around 40 turned up for each shoot (one in December and another in January), neither of which required much in the way of set dressing, with the team wanting to maintain the authentic look of the property’s kitchen, living areas, hallway and back bedrooms.

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Cobra 3: The minimalist ‘rental house’

The second residential location we were briefed on had to be “a house, something very modern with big bi-fold doors that look out onto a garden… Needs to feel like a rental, so a bit minimalistic but high-end”. It also had to be distinct from the other family home we’d provided. Several exchanges later, the Cobra team settled on location 2760 in Cheshire. Keep an eye out for the property’s kitchen/dining area when you’re watching.

Cobra 3: The ‘Marvel’ office

When the team came back to us asking for “something ‘uber modern’ – like Tony Stark’s office in The Avengers” we knew we had our work cut out – superhero hangouts are notoriously hard to find. But with connections all over the north of England, we delivered the goods: a high-rise office on Chancery Place, overlooking the city of Manchester. They also liked our suggestion of using Spinningfields for one a scene in which a flashy lobby and lift were required.

Other northern filming locations used in Cobra 3

For a TV drama about central government’s COBRA committee, you might expect to see a lot of London landmarks in the series. And you definitely will. But it’s pretty heavy on North West locations too – and not just the ones we’ve listed above.

As the Knutsford Guardian reported in December, numerous scenes were filmed in Lower Peover, which was transformed into the fictional village of Godley. The Liverpool Echo also reports that, as with the first two seasons of Cobra, various locations in the city were used for the third series.

When to look out for the northern filming locations used in Cobra 3

For those who prefer to devour a whole season in one sitting, all six episodes of ‘Cobra: Rebellion’ will be released on Sky and NOW on Thursday 12th October 2023. For more traditional TV viewers, the first episode will air on Sky Max at 9pm on Thursday 12th, with further episodes airing weekly.

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