Airport filming location: The Curse (C4)

With the promise of the hilarious Channel 4 series, The Curse, returning to our screens, there’s a good chance that many fans will be feasting on Season 1 again in preparation. So, we thought we’d add to the pleasure by revealing which little-known UK airport was used as a filming location for the chase scene in the final episode.

When The Curse had its debut on Channel 4 in February 2022, viewers were extolling its comedic virtues on social media quicker than you could say ‘Lavender Hill Mob’. Not only were many admitting to devouring all six episodes in one sitting (thanks to the broadcaster’s video on-demand service, All4), but they were calling for a follow-up series. And with Channel 4’s blessing, independent scripted comedy production company, Shiny Button, obliged.

The chase scene filmed at a UK airport

It’s hardly surprising that fans were so eager to see more, with the first series’ final episode culminating in an exceptional chase scene that managed to conclude the first season whilst simultaneously setting up the second.

As fans will no doubt recall, the scene involves two police cars and a getaway vehicle driving a loop around the airport’s main hangar before peeling off onto the runway, where the great escape – and the great arrest – occur. With a crowd watching on, central character, Albert, narrowly escapes the law by jumping onto the plane just in time – while his accomplice, Mick, is apprehended in the getaway car.

Which UK airport was used for the chase scene in The Curse?

We wouldn’t be lying if we said it was a Manchester airport they used for the chase scene, but it wasn’t the Manchester Airport. In fact, it was a much, much smaller airport located 20 minutes from the city centre, comprising a control tower, hangers, a few aircraft and a bar-restaurant – all of which is owned by one of our commercial location partners. Want to see how it looks in real life? Take a direct flight to Manchester airport location 2810

The Curse Season 2 – what we know so far…

It’s not clear exactly when the second season of The Curse will be aired, but Channel 4 has already revealed some tantalising details about the show.

Picking up 18 months on from the dramatic ending to Season 1, the new episodes see our favourite amateur criminal gang living a seemingly idyllic life in former Spanish safe haven, the Costa del Sol, free from the worry of extradition. But with two undercover British detectives and a host of native villains closing in on them, a living nightmare unfolds.

Sounds like a recipe for another comedy caper we’re all going to love! In the meantime, you can get your fill of The Curse by re-watching the entire series over at All4 – and don’t forget to keep an eye out for the UK airport filming location used for the chase scene in the final episode!

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