Nolly (ITVX) filming locations

Fans of Helena Bonham Carter (hello, whole wide world) will know all about Nolly, a brand new three-part series about the actress Noele Gordon (HBC), who played Meg Richardson in the long-running British soap Crossroads until she was inexplicably sacked overnight. But did you know that a Liverpool filming location also stars in the show?

The first episode of Nolly aired on ITV’s new streaming channel, ITVX, on Thursday 2nd February 2023, and the series is set to be broadcast on its analogue channel, ITV, later. But it was early summer 2022 when filming took place and people in the North West of England started to catch glimpses of Bonham Carter and fellow stars, Mark Gatiss (Sherlock, League of Gentleman, Doctor Who) and Augustus Prew (The Morning Show, The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power) on their streets.

North West filming hot spots

Local newspaper, The Bolton News, reported last May that “Film crews have been in Bolton town centre yet again this week with the streets around Le Mans Crescent adorned with vintage cars.”

While in Manchester, they were seen at Salford Lads’ Club in Ordsall (which, like Le Mans Crescent, was previously used as a location in Peaky Blinders), and the Art Deco super cinema and variety theatre, Stockport Plaza.

A new take on a Liverpool landmark

But it’s not only Bolton and Manchester that find themselves in the limelight amidst the success of the series, which was written by acclaimed Doctor Who and It’s a Sin screenwriter Russell T Davies.

Location Managers and long-term clients of UK Locations, Mark O’Hanlon and Lois Williams, also selected Liverpool’s iconic Martins Bank building as a location for the series – well, three actually. The main banking hall was transformed into a Birmingham hotel, the exterior of the building was used as a ‘London’ backdrop, and one of the large boardrooms doubled as an Italian restaurant!

Nolly is available to watch on ITVX and ITV1.

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